The Story of a Timid Man - Naamte Naamte (2013)
By Bengalitollywood Team 18/02/2013

Rana Basu's debut Indian Bangla movie ‘Naamte Naamte’ attempts to portray social problems of Bengal, how insipid some people can be and what those people face as consequences.

The film opens showing Ananda Babu’s (Rajatava Dutta) family living as tenants in a locality where local goons make the calls on almost everything. They run a club and keep on organizing Pujas, camps and other events. They demand hefty amounts as donations, and if someone fails to pay that amount, the person gets harassed in some way or the other. The goons are also engaged in different anti-social activities but maintain a facade of social welfare. Tota alias Ganesh Halder (Saswata Chatterjee) is their leader.

Anada Babu’s family consists of his wife Seema (Roopa Ganguly), their daughter Dolon (Sanchita) and son Suman. Ananda Babu is a timid man, and a thousand rupees is demanded of him as donation for a ‘Saraswati Puja’. The amount is too hefty for a middle class family man like Ananda's, he tries to negotiate, but the attempt results in humiliation and physical abuse for Ananda Babu. He pays the amount at last. Slowly his relationship with Tota improves. All this happens despite stern opposition from Ananda’s wife.

 Ananda's landlord cuts off their water supply in an attempt to evict them as he does not want them as tenants any more. The flow of donations to Tota’s fund takes care of that problem. Tota also recommends Sudeb (Bhaswar Chatterjee) for the position of the private tutor for Ananda's young college-going daughter Dolon. Tota also arranges a much needed recommendation for Ananda Babu for the purchase of a flat.

In the meantime Sudeb and Dolon end up having sex without realizing Dolon's mother Seema is watching. Sudeb is immediately sacked, but Sudeb does not leave before threatening dire consequences. Fearing Sudeb, Ananda approaches Tota. Tota asks for Dolon to be sent alone to him but Seema opposes and sends Dolon away to a safehouse. Ananda fears backlash from Tota and is unable to sleep. What happens next forms the shocking climax of the story.

Given that the film is directed by a  newcomer, it does well in presentation. The director successfully takes a dig at the tolerant and submissive attitude of a section of Bengali people. However, the imagery he uses in the film does not go along with the facts he wants to focus on.

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