Shubhasree Sparkles in MEGH RODDUR (2013) Romcom (Bangla Movie Review)
By Bengalitollywood Team 23/02/2013

A superstar falls in love with a common man and ends up marrying him - sounds almost next to a fantasy tale but that is the premise of the latest Indian Bangla movie release "Megh Roddur" (a DK Entertainment film). Directed By Surajit Dhar (known for his musical film ‘Pa Ma Ga Re Sa’ and socioeconomic film ‘Britto’) and Sudarshan Basu, the film reminds one of the 1999 Julia Roberts - Hugh Grant blockbuster Hollywood film ‘Notting Hill’.

Madhuja Sen (Subhasree Ganguly) is a silver-screen diva shooting in scenic Shillong. She walks into a bookstore owned by Arpan (Palash Ganguly). Madhuja foils a shoplifting attempt in Arpan's store. This is followed by some more encounters of the two.

Once Arpan segues into a press meet and was mistaken for a journalist. Things got more spiced up when Madhuja also appears at the birthday party of Arpan’s sister. They soon fall in love but the story takes a turn when one day Madhuja takes shelter at Arpan’s house from the glance of the media and the public. She spends a romantic night with Arpan but the very next morning she finds herself surrounded by reporters. She incorrectly blames Arpan for selling out to the media. Arpan is shattered.

Time passes and Madhuja’s professional commitments bring her back to Shillong. Things get more serious this time in the Kolkata Bangla movie as Madhuja gets kidnapped by a revolutionary group and a hefty amount is demanded for her release. What happens next and what

Arpan gets into form the climax of the film.

This film provides the beautiful and talented Bengali actress Shubashree a real opportunity to showcase her acting prowess. Palash makes an adequate, but shy of sparkling, debut - but he still obtains passing grades and occasionally even outshines Shubhasree. The other actors in the film - Deblina Dutta, Kumar, Rupsha, Anindya Banerjee and Partha Sarathi Chakrabarty - have supported Palash and Shubhashree well, although none can be expected to win an award in the best supporting role category.

A drawback of the film is it's length - coming in at over 160 minutes is not the call of the day.

Singers like Shaan, Somchanda Bhattacharya, Kunal Ganjawala, Javed Ali, Anwesha Datta Gupta, Zubin Garg and June Banerjee have delivered a nice soundtrack. Music director Rishi Chanda's compositions are adequate.

The film will surely not disappoint the numerous fans of the gorgeous Subhashree.


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