Proposal? I beat people who do that-Mimi Chakraborty
By Hemanth Reddy S 01/02/2016

 Team Ki Kore Toke Bolbo discusses love, its many expressions and their shooting experience with CT Mimi Chakraborty and Ankush, the lead pair of Ravi Kinagi's Ki Kore Toke Bolbo, is a lethal combination. Whenever they meet, they fight like cats and dogs. And the situation was no different when the duo got together with their director for a chat with CT. The trio, however, revealed quite a bit about life and cinema between the rounds. Excerpts:

The film, Ki Kore Toke Bolbo, was previously called Sindoor Khela. Why was the title changed?

Ravi Kinagi: Oh, I just felt Sindoor Khela would sound very dated in today's time and age.Mimi Chakraborty: True. And then, Ki Kore Toke Bolbo is apt, as the film is about a couple who find it difficult to confess their love for each other.Ankush: Yes, but it's even more apt as it's releasing around Saraswati Puja -it's the Bengali's answer to Valentine's Day , when most youngsters go through that dilemma.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

RK: This time I will, as my film is about confessing your love before it's too late.

MC: How can there be just one special day for love? Ridiculous! It's just a day for florists and gift shops to make money .

A: I quite like it when girls send me flowers and cards on Valentine's Day (winks), but personally, I'm not a believer.

What's the film about and how was the experience of working in it?

RK: Akash (Ankush), an RJ, marries Anjali (Mimi), who demands a divorce right on their wedding night.Akash calmly agrees, but on the condition that they do so only after moving to Kolkata. In Kolkata, the court grants them six months' time to reconsider their decision and soon, they become the best of friends and Anjali realizes that she has fallen in love with Akash. But she finds herself unable to express her feelings to him. Caught in a perpetual emotional dilemma, she struggles to hide her feelings from Akash. Then the court approves their divorce. Will they finally be able to express their love to each other? That's what the film is all about.

MC: I loved playing Anjali, as at one point, she hates Akash, and then she starts loving him. The best part is when she tries to hide her love from him. So, there was a lot of scope for acting.

A: Akash is going through a heart break on a personal front, but on air, he solves others' romantic prob lems, as he is a love guru. So, it was fun trying to bring out the duality of the character.

In real life, did you ever feel ki kore toke bolbo?
RK: I'm an introvert who had an arranged marriage. So, proposing to any girl in college was out of question! I fell in love after marriage and never thought twice before expressing my love for my wife. But professionally, I guess there are many in the industry who felt that way before approaching me for work, as I'm known to be a strict man.
A: Indecision is never a problem with me. I take time to be sure of my feelings, but once I am, I have no qualms in admitting it to my beloved. There's a dialogue in the film, "Amake prem e chhuyeche sir, police e kicchu korte parbena." I believe in that.MC: In school and college, I'm sure many guys faced this dilemma. There were instances of me beating up guys for proposing to me! 

So Mimi, do you feel that you missed out on many 'raj-jotoks' in your life or you've ultimately got one?




RK: (Laughs) Hey , cut the 'jotok'! A: Mimi, what Ravi sir means is that it's only Raj...just in case you haven't figured that out (smiles).


MC: Ankush, you just keep quiet! The producers haven't paid me so much that I'll discuss my personal life! You can tell your love story with Oindrilla to the world (and an argument begins!)


RK: God! These two used to fight like Tom and Jerry on the sets. And you know what? Mimi used to do all the misdeeds openly , but Ankush is a chupa rustam. Now, break it up you two!




Ravi is known to be a very strict taskmaster. Did you two feel the heat?


MC & A
: Oh yes! Don't even ask! A: But now, when we see ourselves onscreen, we feel all that scolding was necessary .
RK: On the sets, I would often see them busy with their adda. And whenever I approached, they would pick up their scripts and act as if they are reading really hard. They act even when the camera is not rolling (laughs)! But I must admit both are director's actors and a pleasure to work with.

source: TOI

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