Priyaka dasguupta
By Bengali Tollywood News Network, 28/01/2010

Priyaka dasguupta

You've said that a dancer reaches her prime between 55 and 60. doesn't this theory go against

the whole idea of it being difficult for a dancer to be    agile and raceful after 50?

while a ballet has a lot to do with the physial form, beauty and technique, indian dance isn't

so much about physicality. The good thing about indian dance is that it relies a lot on

communication. There is nothing that can't be communicated by bharatanatyam. Its nice to see a

young performer with high energy levels. Beauty works when one is in her teens. Between the age

55 and , it's the technique and the personality of the dancer that captivates the audience.

yet' there was a time when you had mentioned that a dancer should retire gracefully at the age

of 36 with some notable exceptions who don't look a day over 25 and dance a day over25. Did

exprence on stage change your views or did you realize that you have so much more to give to the

stage that you never wanted to be limited by this cut-off age?

I still maintain that it is impossible to dance at 36 like you did at 25 since this is also a

physical art form. Butcsical any more, when at artiste has been showing of her strength and

power on stage for more than two decades, peoples begin to wonder when you will offer what the

essence of indian arts is all about--which is about abhinaya and the ability to communicate. is

a dancer can fly and leap at 55. that's added bonus.

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