Nusrat Jahan On Air before release of Har Har Byomkesh
By Hemanth Reddy S 10/12/2015

 Nusrat, who plays zaminder Dipanarayan Singh's young wife in the upcoming film Har Har Byomkesh, chats with CT. 

Har Har Byomkesh
 is of a genre, in which I've never worked in my five-year career. When Arindamda offered me the role of Shakuntala Singh, I wasn't sure about accepting it, as I didn't know if I could pull it off or not. But he was sure that he'd be able to bring out the Shakuntala in me. She is completely different from what I am in real life. She is a zamindar's second wife, is extremely dignified, intelligent, beautiful, and hardly speaks. So I had to do a lot of homework to become the character, as Arindamda instructed me to express that dignity through my body language and expressions, and not through dialogues. And now when I see the rushes, I feel that I've done a decent job. As Shakuntala Singh in the film ‚ÄčArindamda has discovered a new Nusrat Jahan, who can act and emote, and not just wear beautiful costumes and dance with heroes in foreign locales. I remember how I completely surrendered to the director and told Arindamda that I would do what I'm told to do, and I think he was happy with my performance. I hadn't done this genre of film earlier, neither had I worked with this team before, so I was nervous. But the entire cast and crew welcomed me with open arms and made me feel comfortable. When such is the motivation, one is bound to perform well. And I have to mention Adil Hussain, as I haven't come across a suave man like him ever before. He is so knowledgeable that whatever be the discussion, Adil knows how to make it interesting!

He is an uncompromising director who makes sure that his team delivers what he wants. The perfect captain of the ship, he also makes sure that the sets remain peaceful and has a joyful ambience. Moreover, he makes sure every team member is treated equally. He makes sure everyone, from a spot boy to Abirda, has eaten. I feel he's one of the best directors I've worked with so far.

Abirda is the perfect Byomkesh and he is such a crowd-puller! He behaved like the sleuth on the sets, but in the makeup room, he was Abirda. He is usually my official event partner (laughs), as the two of us always end up together at launches or promotions. So, though this was the first time I shared screen space with him, we felt comfortable together and that helped me emote well.

We all know Ritwickda is super-talented, so I was jittery about sharing the frame with him. But he's a sweetheart of a co-actor, as he makes the whole atmosphere so friendly that you hardly realize when you've delivered that perfect shot. I'd ogle at him when he rehearsed, just to see how one can incorporate nuances in an ordinary scene.

Sohini is a brilliant actor who looked perfect as Satyabati. And I've found a new friend in her. She is fun to be with, as she has no hang ups. The bonding between us is growing stronger with each passing day .



Source: TOI

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