Mobile? Not allowed on the sets of film making - says the Directors
By Hemanth Reddy S 02/11/2015

 On Wednesday , the cast and crew of Kaushik Ganguly's Dhumketu had to hand their phones over before going on the floors to shoot. The reason: the director didn't want Dev's look to leak out on the internet. The actor was shooting an important sequence with a makeover, which the unit didn't want to make public before the film hits theatres. "The scenes we shot with Dev on Wednesday are an important part of the film. And I didn't want to reveal his look now. One will only get to see it when the film releases. Anyway , how many of us have seen Aamir Khan's look in his upcoming film, Dangal? No one. So why can't we do it in Tollywood? That apart, I didn't want any kind of disturbance on the sets on that day, as it took Dev five hours of makeup to get that look and I can bet no one will recognize him," the director said.

In fact, in an age when many unit members keep posting photos online from the sets, directors have to be alert about what they want to reveal and what to keep under wraps. "I don't think what we did on Wednesday has happened on a Bengali film set ever. I requested my cast and crew members to turn in their phones before entering the set and no one even questioned why! I don't allow my official still photographer or anyone from the unit to click photos of kissing or lovemaking scenes, as I detest it. I'll never use such stills for publicity of my films, so why click photos? During the shoot of Arekti Premer Golpo, I didn't allow anyone to click photos of Rituparno Ghosh as Chapal Bhaduri, as I used that look in the film's poster. So, there are certain things a director wants to keep under wraps before a film's release," Kaushik added.

Kamaleswar Mukherjee, too, didn't reveal Dev's final look in Chander Pahar before the film's release. "There has to be some mystery about a film. Certain things, like a special makeover or a special cameo, can't always be revealed before a film's release. If I feel any particular scene or any makeover of an actor shouldn't be out before the film hits theatres, I request my unit not to publicize it. Till date, everyone has abided by my request and for that, I'm grateful to my unit. No one has seen any stills of my latest film with Prosenjit Chatterjee, as we have a plan when to reveal it. That apart, my shoots are so hectic that one hardly gets the time to click photos," Kamaleswar said. 

Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy agreed. They had, in fact, requested everyone present at the press conference of their film Prakton to stay away from upload ing pictures of the event on socia media. "Social media updates on a film's shoot spoil the element of sur prise. If everything is out, why wil one watch a film? During the shoot ing of Muktodhara, I made it a point that no one gets to see Rituparna's (Sengupta) getup as goddess Saraswati. We wanted to use her look for the film's publicity. That apart, the film's scenes we shot in a jail never reached the public domain before its release. In Belaseshe too, the portions we shot in Santiniketan were kept under wraps, as I wanted the audience to see those in theatres. Nowadays, every phone has a camera, so it's difficult to stop unit members from clicking pictures on the sets. But I thank my team for listening to our requests to refrain from disclosing certain looks or scenes. It takes a lot of effort to make a film, so one should respect that," Shiboprosad said. 

For days on end, Prosenjit Chatterjee used to wear a hat to hide his look as Kushal Hazra in Srijit Mukherji's Jaatishwar. "I didn't want Kushal Hazra's look to be out before the film's release. The hairstyle was something that I didn't want people to see and so, Bumbada sported a cap or a bandana whenever he had to make a public appearance. I had very few people present on the sets whenever I had to shoot his portions and requested everyone not to take photos. It's not possible to monitor everyone, so mutual trust is the only thing a director can rely on.Even during the shoot of Baishe Srabon's climax scene, I requested everyone present not to click photos, though back then, camera phones were not much in use. I quite liked the way Kaushikda made everyone hand in their phones before shooting an important scene with Dev in Dhumketu. A director has every right to choose what he wants to reveal or hide about a film before its release," Srijit said.
source: TOI


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