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She has no expecations from Rituparno Ghosh's Abohomaan,because her two scene role in the

January 22 film is justa teaser for her big Tolly break, Noukodubi, also directed by rituparno,

On how she got into the Rituparno Camp:

Well, it happened out of the blue. I got a call from Raima sen, she told me to come down to

calcutta. I spoke to Rituparno over the phone and the next thing I knew waas that i had no clue

what I was going to be offered. I went to the sets with a totally blank mind. Rituparno got me

into Tia's outfit in half-an-hour, and in the next 45 minutes I was delivering! I did as he

siad, he liked it and we shot for two days, It's not even a cameo, I just have two scenes in

Abohomaan. But I had fun doing it and i have no expectaions.

On her role in Abohomaan:

My character, Tis, is middle-class bengali house wife, Jisshu playsmy husband, She is young and

educated but a little bit of a rebel. There's also a child in her. She is little bit like me or

little bit of an exaggeration of me.

On how she bonded with Rituparno:

rituparno is a very good  director. He giver you little tips he totally puts you into the

character. He moulds his actors to the extent that you surrender yourself to him. His inputs are

extermely helpful. Not just me, any actor who works with him is a total product of his, yet at

the end of the day it's you who is acting and not him.

One being herself,in a sari and sans make-up:

I am very comfortable with myself in real life, I don't like wearing too much make -up when I am

not shooting. I don't step out of home with lots of make-up. My look in Abohomaan is very simple

an i don't think its different from me in real life. I had no problems wearing a sari on

occasions. Of Course, I wear glamorous saris and not simple cotton saris. But simple is the


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