Ki Kore Toke Bolbo-A Valentines Day Gift
By Hemant Reddy S 12/02/2016

Ravi Kinagi's Ki Kore Toke Bolbo, which stars Mimi Chakraborty and Ankush in the lead, is a love story of a married couple, who finds it difficult to confess their mutual love. Anjali (Mimi) and Akash (Ankush) get into divorce mode right after the wedding and the court gives them six months to reconsider their decision. During that period, they become the best of friends, but still desist from confessing their love for each other.






"A few days later, the court summons them and approves their divorce. So, what next? Will they finally express their love for each other? That's the crux of KKTB.I'm sure this love story will make you fall in love all over again this Valentine's Day and Saraswati Puja," Kinagi said. "Love isn't something you find; it finds you. So, watch KKTB to know whether Akash and Anjali find each other by their side at the end."




The freshest on-screen pair in town -Mimi and Ankush -spoke to CT about love, Valentine's Day, Saraswati Puja and a lot more.Mimi Chakraborty: Love, to me, is what only the heart sees, not our eyes. It's all about feeling without utilising your brains much. This is exactly what happens to Anjali in the film. Her heart feels she needs Akash, but she can't seem to express that feeling. Saraswati Puja, which is known as `Bangalir Valentine's Day', is a great day to confess love for one's beloved. I used to get a lot of gifts, roses and cards on Valentine's Day when I was in school and college. I still remember how guys used to check me out when I wore a yellow sari on that day! The number of blank calls on the landline at home used to double on these two days, much to the disgust of my family members (laughs)! Ankush: Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.That's my biggest mantra! I guess Akash, my character in the film, will realise this too, but how, I'll not disclose now -you have to watch the film for it! I still remember how Saraswati Puja used to be the official lovers' day back in school. It was a visual treat to see all the girls in saris, offering anjali. All of them looked like beauty queens. Valentine's Day, of course, came much later. I used to get loads of gifts on V-Day, but, I admit, I have never spent a penny on buying a gift for anyone (winks).It was good fun! Ki Kore Toke Bolbo, produced by Shree Venkatesh Films, releases on February 12.

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