Jackpot for Jeet-1 Crore Remuneration for his upcoming film
By Hemanth Reddy S 29/01/2016

Creating a record in the history of Tollywood remuneration is the paycheque which was offered to Bengali Superstar Jeet.

For his forthcoming film, he has been paid a sum of Rs 1 crore. Till date, no other Tollywood actor has been paid anywhere close to this whopping amount. From the star's perspective, this is hugely flattering figure. But the bigger question is whether this step will serve as an index of Tollywood's economic prosperity or not.

Speaking to TOI, Jeet said, "Talents come with no fixed price tag. It varies from Friday to Friday or from EQ (emotional quotient) to IQ (intelligence quotient). If I really like something, I don't look at the price." On being told that the Rs 1 crore remuneration is a milestone of sorts, he smiled and said, "I don't look at it that way. My aspiration is to get bigger and better." Even as recent as 2010, Jeet's pay packet was a high six figure sum. In 2011, it catapulted to a seven-figure sum. But in 2016, the remuneration took a meteoric rise when it touched the eight-figure amount.

With industry still not very robust in financial terms, few stars have thought of commanding this figure. Some attributed it to the insecurity of being replaced. Others claimed it was a rational step to charge less. Meanwhile, some stars took to production or went into the profit-sharing model. Amidst this, Jeet steadfastly always believed that if a talent doesn't value his own worth, the world will never give him or her the due. This month, producer Himanshu Dhanuka signed on Jeet for his untitled forthcoming film. To be directed by Baba Yadav, this film will star Jeet and Bangladeshi actress Nusrat Faria. Dhanuka said, "This is a big-budget film. Apart from Kolkata, I will also shoot portions of it in an exotic location as well as Bangladesh. We will be releasing the film on Eid. I am glad Jeet and I are collaborating again after 'Fighter'." On being asked about the whopping signing amount, Dhanuka said, "I respect Jeet's decision to not get into camps. He has no insecurity. Out of respect for his professionalism, dedication towards work and box-office pull, I decided to set new standards with him."




Jayanta Kumar Ray, business head, Reliance Entertainment, has worked with Jeet in 'Boss', 'Game', 'Deewana' and 'Bachchan'. With Dev, Reliance Entertainment has worked in 'Buno Haansh'. "We would have loved to offer Jeet and Dev an eight-figure pay packet. But we couldn't do that to any of our Tollywood stars/key technicians because of the small market size. Ideally, 20% to 25% of a film's budget should be reserved for the remuneration of all artistes and technicians involved a film," Ray said.




Producer Rana Sarkar, who is working with Dev in 'Dhumketu', said that even if he wants, the size of the market is so small that he can't afford to offer a Tollywood hero a signing amount that is more than Rs 15 lakh. "Including the recovery from selling satellite rights, a producer can at the most get Rs 3.5 crore as return after releasing a Bengali commercial film. I can only offer a maximum of Rs 15 lakh to a superstar if we are targeting a break-even situation. Sometimes, we exceed that budget by taking calculated risks and it pays off too. However, a crore is a fancy price as a Tollywood star's remuneration," Sarkar said. In case of 'Dhumketu', Sarkar has gone into a profit-sharing model with Dev. "He understands the situation. As far as his remuneration goes, Dev agreed to co-produce the film and agree to a profit-sharing model," Sarkar added. According to Ray, Tollywood should follow the business-model that Bollywood stars use where they decide on a percentage that they will get if the film does a certain amount of business.


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