Fantastic Flick by Kabir Khan-Phantom(2015)
By Sereddy Hemanth Kumar 08/09/2015

Kabir Khan has always been making movies with very powerful concepts which go straight into the audience’s head without any glitch. After projecting Salman’s terrific performance on the screen Kabir Khan has again hit the screen with this fantastic concept which is a revenge type concept circling around 26/11 attacks in Mumbai.

Movie is about seeking justice to the loss of lives in the attacks. Daniyal Khan (Saif Ali Khan) is selected by the authorities seeking justice to the dark spot in the Indian history. He is an ex-army man who gets kicked out due to a tragic incident. He is made to meet Katrina Kaif aka Nawaz Mistry, a former RAW agent who now works as a security counselor and supplies arms to refugee camps. She helps Saif on his mission.

Hottest flick in the movie is, many Indians have been seeking true justice since the attacks but no proper judgement was given since then. Kabir Khan made exactly a judgement making some extraordinary shots making the audience happy psychologically. The action scenes in the film are well executed and thrilling. What brings them alive on-screen is the fantastic background score which works well with the violence shown.There are twists to the plot which keep it intriguing. The most engaging factor about the venture were the techniques used by Daniyal to kill the terrorists. Each one of them is different and well presented.

Do not miss this fantastic movie. One will definitely feel the adrenaline rush with the adrenaline rush all over the movie and particularly with some scenes. 

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