Election effect: Tolly defers release dates
By Hemant 15/03/2016

 The ripples of the election wave sweeping across the state can be felt even in Tollywood. Two big releases slated for April -Shankar Mudi andPrakton -have been pushed back by a month and will now hit the screens only after Bengal gives its poll verdict.Another much-awaited film, Cinemawala, has been pushed back by two weeks from its original Poila Boishakh release date.

However, two other films, Sankhachil and Power, have decided to battle each other and the big election spectacle as they release on Poila Boishakh -traditionally , a big day for Bengali releases.

"We, too, were supposed to release our film, Prakton, on Poila Boishakh. But then, Shibu (Shiboprosad Mukherjee) and I decided it would be wiser to release the film once the election results are out. Media houses focus on election coverage during this period and our film may lose viewers. Once everything settles down, we will release the film," said director Nandita Roy .

Even Aniket Chattopadhyay shares the same view. His film, Shankar Mudi, which was supposed to release on April 7, will now release in May . "It was my producer's call to postpone the film's release as he feels the media will be busy covering the elections. The publicity of the film may get affected, he says.However, I personally don't agree with that. No matter what, people watch films. Be it IPL, World Cup or elections, the audience will always want to see good cinema," says Aniket.

Krishna Narayan Daga, vice president, EIMPA, also feels that election time is not ideal to release a film, as most people are eager to know about the poll results. "Directors and producers feel that if law and order get disrupted during elections, their films will face losses. Hence, their second thoughts about release dates. This time, many actors are also contesting elections. So, their films can't be released. Like Narayan Roy's Buddhuram Dhol Duniya Gol, which stars Roopa Ganguly and Mithun Chakraborty , can't be released during the polls as Roopa may contest," reasons Daga.


However, Kaushik Ganguly , whose Cinemawala will release in the last week of April, is hardly bothered.



In April, the focus might be on the poll results. But that will not stop the film-loving audience from visiting the theatres. I feel, once the exams are over, people will be in a better mood to appreciate films as well as the poll results. It'll be a double bonanza for them," said Kaushik.



"We had decided to release Cinemawala a week after Shankachil as both have potential to do good business. On the voting days, theatres are generally open for a few hours but they still do good business since people are in a holiday mood.Power is also releasing on Poila Boishakh and am sure it'll draw an audience," said Mahendra Soni of Shree Venkatesh Films.The production house has both Cinemawala and Powerreleasing in the election season.



Prosenjit Chatterjee, whose film Shankachil is releasing this April, feels the audience will always watch a film if the content is good -no matter what else is happening. "Bengalis love politics and they love films too.So, the assembly elections should not have an effect on Bengali releases, I feel. Prakton has been pushed back from April to May , as it is a lucky month for the director duo, Nandita and Shiboprosad. And during Poila Boishakh, Bengali films always do good business as people are in a festive mood," explained the actor.


But producer Pradip Churiwal is not in favour of releasing his films during election time. "The publicity we get from film posters is overshad owed by political posters. That apart, the media is more interested in political news than entertainment. So, I have consciously avoided an April release for my film, Dark Chocolate. Let the election fever get over and then I will plan it out," said Pradip.

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