Dev gifts his Dad a Restaurant
By Hemanth Reddy S 13/12/2015

 Dev, is set to go back to where it all began as he gifts a restaurant to his father this month

When he was all of four, Deepak Adhikari, instead of enjoying a leisurely vacation at home with his sister and playmates, chose to accompany his father on a trip. His father, Guru, who had a food catering service, took him to the outdoors where Prahaar was being shot. That was the first time the child got a taste of lights, camera, action -a lot of it -and life was never the same again. Deepak, who shot to fame in Tollywood as Dev, is set to go back to where it all began as he gifts a restaurant to his father this month.
"My school was closed for summer and I went to the outdoors ofPrahaar with my father, where Nana Patekar was shooting. It was more of a family vacation for us and work didn't feel like work. As a child, that was the first time I got a taste of cinema and it all happened because of my father," Dev recalled, in between shooting for Kaushik Ganguly's Dhumketu. Though that was his first, life continued to be the same for the next couple of years. The family was based in Mumbai and Dev would often accompany his father to the sets of Abbas-Mustan and Prakash Jha, among several others. "There were times when my father would keep busy with other things and I had to chip in. I couldn't cook, but would do the groceries and supervise on my father's behalf.There were times when I washed plates and served food. Life used to be very different, but I have no regrets," said Dev, who went on to become a computer engineer before foraying into acting. Though he started out as an observer in Abbas-Mustan's Taarzan: The Wonder Car, Dev landed in Kolkata by a stroke of luck. He was born in Mahisha, a small village near Keshpur and brought up in Mumbai. In Kolkata, he was offered a role in Agnisapath, a box-office failure, but Dev later made it big ilure, but Dev later made it big with I Love You and followed it up with back-to-back successes. But the superstar remained close to his roots. "During the IPL when I met Shah Rukh Khan, he asked my father how he was doing. 

During a chat, I told him, `You won't remember but I have served you food'. That was during Yes Boss. In fact, my father's catering service covered many of his films," said Dev. 

Even though Dev became a superstar, the family had to ply between Mumbai and Kolkata. It was the same after he turned pro ducer and was elected as an MP from Ghatal.Only recently, Dev decided to gift his father a theme restaurant so that he could permanently move in with him. "It's my gift to the man who made me. Though it's my brainchild, my father is looking after the dream venture that also has a strong Tollywood connect," said Dev . They say, behind every successful man there is a woman. But Dev has a different story to tell.

Source: TOI

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