BaastuShaap cast speaks about each other
By Hemanth Reddy S 20/01/2016

Kaushik Ganguly's Bastushaap, revolves around a car accident that completely changes the protagonist, Major Arjun's life. He turns to fengshuivastu in an attempt to bring normalcy back in his family life. Whether or not he is successful, is what the film is all about. But, when we got the cast to spill the beans on each other, here's what we heard...


Churni Ganguly: As Churni spent her childhood in the hills, she feels a special connection to any house with wooden flooring! She starts treating it as her own home. The same happened while shooting in this house in North Bengal!

Abir Chatterjee: I call Abir Goendada. But when he came on board this film, I told him that he must introduce me to a new and different Abir Chatterjee. He did!

Raima Sen: You know, those students in the class who do not let anybody else study before an exam, on the pretext of being unprepared themselves? And when the results come out, they pass with flying colours, keeping everyone guessing when they did the studying! Raima is that girl.

Parambrata Chatterjee: Param and his diet! He would end up sampling everything on the menu for lunch and dinner, and then his guilt trips would start.

Churni Ganguly: She has an uncanny knack for anything that is mysterious and has to do with ghosts! Quite unnerving, really!

Kaushik Ganguly: He knows the shooting schedule as clearly as he knows the menu for lunch and dinner.

Raima Sen: During the entire shooting schedule, Raima was hooked to Candy Crush.

Parambrata Chatterjee: He is a fitness freak. From brown rice to biscuits, he used to carry everything in his jhola.


Churni Ganguly: Amongst all the men, she was my sole girlfriend.

Kaushik Ganguly: Apart from Rituda (Rituparno Ghosh), he is the only director who can extract the best out of me.

Abir Chatterjee: I call him my detox co-actor. I haven't yet come across an actor who is so suave.

Parambrata Chatterjee: There's nothing under the sun we don't chat or gossip about.


Kaushik Ganguly: Don't go by our on-screen chemistry . Off screen, it's zero.

Abir Chatterjee: I am impressed that he is growing each day as an actor.

Parambrata Chatterjee: Param's fitness fetish would make everybody feel guilty!

Raima Sen: With Raima, I used to have intense talk about life and other philosophical things.
Kaushik Ganguly: He has the finest eye for food. Also, trust him to spot an elephant in the woods! Scary!




Abir Chatterjee: The wilder side of Abir is rarely seen. But, this time, we got a sneak peek. Maybe because, everybody was so unnaturally comfortable.




Churni Ganguly: I think she's in her elements when she's in the hills, because that's where she belongs to, in her mind.




Raima Sen: Raima is fun to be with. Even wild animals are scared of her.



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