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Teenkahon (Three Obsessions) an art film in Bengali by debutant movie maker Bauddhayan Mukherji. It is a rare film from geographic region that, as a bit of social document, tries to capture the ever-changing face of morality, the degeneration of values, the increasing pollution of the voice communication and therefore the ever-changing social material of thoughts and process through 3 stories. Spread over 100 years, the 3 stories ar structured within the manner of the classical 3 Act Play with every act exploring one aspect of a frenzied relationship outside the view of wedding.


NABALOK (1920-1954) is shot in black and white. this era piece is that the story of an 8-year-old boy’s emotional attachment and obsession with a recently married woman. The film opens in Kolkata so moves to rural geographic region.


POST MORTEM (year 1978) may be a method film. it's a bold single area drama regarding 2 men – the lover and therefore the husband - of a girl who has finished her life the evening before. Through the dialogue between the 2 characters we have a tendency to see a 3rd emerge and see the frailties {of every|of every} relationship and what role each man had within the woman’s suicide. 



TELEPHONE (year 2013) is that the trendy age digital film. This Roald Dahl-esque story with a series of twists and turns appearance into the darkness that looms at a lower place the surface of kinsmen and the way artful human relationships became.

Cast & Crew:

Shailen                      - Suman Mukhopadhyay

Tarapada                  - Ratan Sarkhel

Young Shailen           - Barshan Seal

Gurumoshai               - Manu Mukherjee

Gyanesh Mitra           - Sabyasachi Chakraborty

Ronojay Dutta            - Sumanta Mukherjee

Anamika Guha           - Rituparna Sengupta

Ayush                       - Pratirup Ghosh

Deepak                      - Koushik Mukhherjee

Sukomol Basu Roy     - Joy Sengupta

Dr. Banerjee              - Dhritiman Chaterji

Joydeb Guha             - Ashish Vidyarthi

Nayantara                  - Ananya Sen

Akshay                     - Biswanath Basu

Chowdhury                - Panchanan Banerjee

Pishima                     - Bhadra Basu

Radhanath's wife       - Manasi Sinha

Shailen's father         - Chanchal Ghosh

Mejo mama              - Phalguni Chatterjee


Radhanath                - Kharaj Mukherjee

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