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Siddhanta 2009

Nabanita is the local leader of an extremist group that lives in a village near Kolkata alongside some forests where they practice their guillotine operations. She gets a chit from their leader Abani Babu naming their next target, central minister Amiyo Sengupta who is scheduled to arrive in a nearby village to hoist the flag on Republic Day. But when Nabaneeta sees the photograph of the target attached to the chit, she is shocked to discover that the man is none other than Anjan Sengupta, the man she was in love with, the man who had triggered in her the fire to join the revolution and the man who finally ditched her for her college friend to gain a place in the leading party’s ministry at the centre. How and when did Anjan become Amiyo? In the past, a younger Nabaneeta who has topped the list at the higher secondary examinations and has joined a city college to study English Honours. Anjan arrives from Jalpaiguri to join the college and the two fall in love. Anjan leaves the major Leftist group to join the extremists because he is impressed by the rebelling group’s strategy of eliminating unwanted capitalists and political leaders to seek justice for the poor and the deprived and to get for them, access to their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. He is impressed by the political ideology of Mahadeb-da and Abani-da. Nabaneeta is not a part of the group, but is always beside Anjan and believes in what he does and what he believes in. Back in the present, we find Nabaneeta trying to find out how and why Anjan became Amiyo from Abani-da who often comes to hide from the police in the village. The group plans the attack and the killing on Republic Day when Amiyo will deliver his speech for a local club. The village women trained by Nabaneeta have been invited to sing a patriotic welcome song at the function. The members of the group spread themselves at different corners to strike when the time is right. But when one of her group members pulls the trigger, Nabaneeta rushes forth to shield Amiyo with her body and takes the shot herself. She dies on the spot and her group members, led by Abani-da and the rest, lay down their arms in surrender. The revolution is over.

Cast And Crew

Starring----Sabyasachi Chakraborty , Rimjhim Gupta , Sumanta Mukherjee , Bhaskar Banerjee , Sumit Ganguly , Rahul Burman , Ramen Roychoudhury
Directed-Abhik Roy
Story--Bijoy Banerjee
Screenplay--Amal Chakravarti
Dialogue-Amal Chakravarti
Cinematography-Badal Sircar
Music--Partha Sengupta
Editing--Narayan Biswas
Art Direction--Satadl Mitra
Production Company--RT Productions
Producer--Bijoy Banerjee  
Publicity Design--Debabrata Roy Choudhury  


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