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Premi  is a Bengali Movie was released in 2004.Directed by Rabi Kinagi, the movie featured Jeet, Jishu Sengupta,Chandana Sharma .This was Chandana Sharma's debut movie.She is a daughter of 70's heroen Anjana Bhoumik and sister of Nilanjana Sharma,wife of Jishu Sengupta[4].She was in Teen serial Just Mohabbat on Sony TV and Anchoring the popular travel show Musafir Hoon Yaron on Star Plus keeps her busy. This movie Average showing at the box office but a fresh look and feel. With shades of the Nineties Bollywood blockbuster Saajan, the film was smartly packaged with charming Chandana Sharma debuting under Ravi Kinnagi's.

Rahul and Sumit are best friend and are footballers by profession. To save Rahul from an accident Sumit injuries his leg and becomes unable to play football. Rahul makes a promise to Sumit that he could fulfill Sumit’s dreams by becoming a great football player. One day Rahul meets Puja in a taxi and falls in love at first sight. Puja lives with her grandmother and grandfather. Meanwhile Puja also meets Sumit, whom she admires for his strength grit even being an invalid. Puja and her friends go to Goa and there they are joined by Rahul & his friends who had come there for a football match. Both Puja & Rahul becomes friend. But Rahul is getting married to somebody else. Puja's marriage is cancelled as somebody accuses Puja as having an affair with Rahul. Puja’s grandfather cannot bear this shock & dies. This makes Puja misunderstand & hate Rahul. Rahul tries to help puja secretly. Whenever she lands in any kind of trouble Rahul helps her and & even steals money from his father to help Puja. Rahul remains in the background & only contacts Puja via letters, where he address himself as a friend. Puja falls in love with this secret friend and is desperate to meet him. On the day of Holi Puja mistakes Sumit, as the secret friend & thrilled with joy she sends a marriage proposal to Sumit's home through her grandmother. Their marriage is finalised. Rahul is heartbroken to see his lady love marrying his best friend but he cannot say anything to Sumit as he is still is indebted to Sumit for saving his life. Puja is angry at seeing Rahul & tells him to stay away from her new life. Finally all misunderstandings are cleared and Rahul marries Puja.

Jeet,Chandana and Jishu Sengupta

    * Jeet
    * Jishu Sengupta
    * Chandana Sharma
    * Kalyani Mondal
    * Koushik Banerjee
    * Subhasish Mukherjee
    * Sanghamitra Mukherjee
    * Bodhisattwa Majumdar
    * Pushpita Mukherjee

Produced & Directed By : Ravi Kinagy
Written By : Ravi Kinagy
Cast : Jeet , Zishu , Chandana etc
Music : Jeet Ganguly
Singers : Kumar Shanu , Alka Yagnik , Asha Bhonshley , Abhijeet etc
Duration : 2:32 minutes
Quality : DVD rip
Audio : MPEG Layer-3
Format : avi
Ratio : 230.34 mb

Produced by     surinder films,
Written by     Rabi Kinagi

Cinematography     V. Probhakar
Release date(s)     30 July 2004[1]
Country     India
Language     Bengali

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