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Jamai Babu (1996)

 Chunilal (Subhendu Chatterjee) had two daughters Rama ( Shatabdi Roy) and Rina (Indrani Haldar). Rama studied in Kolkata. She was a proud girl. In her college there was a studious boy called Dulal (Tapas Pal). He used to interrupt in every wrong step of Rama and for that Rama took revenge, expelling Dulal from college. After that she was going to be raped by her friend Mantu (Rahul Barman) but Dulal saved her. Then she realised her fault, apololgised to Dulal and they fell in love with each other. One day Rama came to know that she is pregnant and her best friend Jayanta (Abhishek) advised them to marry. They got married and when Rama told this to her family the chaos occured. On the other hand , Chunilal wanted to arrange the marrige of Rama and Biren Mukherjee's (Arun Banerjee) son Jayanta. When Chunilal came to Kolkata to meet Rama there they saw Jayanta's photo and thought Jayanta as their son-in -law.Dulal was said to be a servant. Rina saw Dulal and Rama in intimate situation. She understood the whole story and after playing a short game the whole missunderstanding was cleared. But Mantu started to blackmail Rama for money. He kidnapped Dulal and Rina. Jayanta went to save them and finally they started to live happly.

Cast:  Indrani Haldar, Tapas Pal, Satabdi Roy, Abhishek Chatterjee
Language: Bengali
Running Time: 160  mins
Director(s): Dulal Bhowmik
Music Director(s): Bappi Lahiri
Censor Certificate: NA
Genre: Drama


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Mon 07/May/2012
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