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Haranath Chakrabarty is now a well known name in bengali film industry. One of his famous fils was “Refugee” with Prasenjit and Rambha. This month he present us with another cute film “Bazimaat”.

What so special about Bazimaat?

Well, as we have been discussing for long that after “Prasenjit” era, we have only one bengali actor “Jeet” who is able to make a solid ground in the industry. Bengali Tollywood films are now looking desparately for some new looks and younger people. “Deb” is one of the most notable newcomer specially after the great success of “I Love U” and “Premer Kahini“. Soham, our hero in the film Bajimaat, did many films as a child-actor. He also worked opposite Koyel Mullick in “Chander Bari”. However, Bajimaat is his first film as “stand alone” hero. There are some more faces such as “Hiran“, “Arunadoy” however they are still searching for bigger success. So, Bajimaat is a very crucial film for Soham.

In the film, Sohan is a singer (Just like Singer Heros in numerous other movies)! He won a talent seach contest and met a girl who also wanted to be a successful singer in her career. The movie is doing pretty good in Calcutta and everybody praising Subhashree who won the “Nayikar Khonje” award by Anandalok Patrika.

Bajimat cast & crew

Bajimat cast------

Soham Suvra

Subhasree Gangopadhyay Jhilik

Ranjit Mallick Sanjay Mitra

Rajatava Dutta Satyabrata

Aparajita Auddy Didi

Debika Mukhopadhyay Suvra's mother

Santu Mukhopadhyay Suvra's father

Sudip Mukhopadhyay Husband of Jhilik's elder sister

Soumili Biswas Sister of Suvra's sister

Biswanath Bose Suvra's friend

Bajimat Crew--

Director---- Haranath Chakraborty

Producer--- Pijush Saha

Music Director--- S. P. Venkatesh

Lyrics--- Goutam Susmit

Story ----Pijush Saha

Screenplay ---Manotosh Chakraborty

Dialogue---- Manotosh Chakraborty

Cinematographer---- V. Prabhakar

Editor ----Subhash Maity

Art Director---- Subrata Singha

Playback Singer--- Alka Yagnik









Thanks to Subhash Chakraborty




















ajimaat (2008): Soham-Subhashree Bengali Blockbuster

Direction: Haranath Chakrabarty

Released: June 6th in Calcutta

Casts: Soham, Subhashree, Soumili Biswas, Aparajita, Sudip, Rajatava Dutta, Rajesh Sharma, Ranjit Mullick and more.

Produced by: Pijush Saha

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