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Abohomaan (2010)

Abohomaan, the much-awaited film directed by Rituparno Ghosh, is slated for release on January 22. Abohomaan means eternal. Ghosh says it is a metaphor for the eternity of human relationships that the film revolves around. Like many of his films, Abohomaan is also self-reflexive in the sense that it has the structure of a film being made within the
main film and the intertwining of these two stories that bear certain resemblances in terms of the characters and their fluctuating relationships. It offers an insight into the mindsets of the creator and the created, that is, the director and the young girl he moulds into an actress and how, during this process, a relationship evolves between the two within the process of filmmaking and also without it.

Aniket Majumdar an art film maker discovers a raw talent in Shikha, an unsophisticated actress from the world of theatre who has talent according to Aniket. He selects her after she undergoes a screen test though initially his wife thinks more of Shikha’s talent than him
Abohomaan is rooted in the fragmenting of a ‘happy family’ situation comprised of Aniket (Dipankar Dey), a famous director of ‘art films,’ wife Deepti (Mamata Shankar), growing son Apratim (Jisshu Sengupta) and Aniket’s old mother (Sova Sen.) The family falls apart from inside though to outward appearances, everything remains as it was. Shikha (Ananya Chatterjee), gatecrashes into their lives with a self-scripted, self-styled audition that is as arrogant and self-indulgent as it is defiant. Though Aniket does not care for her brash ways, Deepti feels she is just right for the role of Binodini for the film Aniket is planning to make. Her grooming of the unsophisticated, loud and crude Shikha prepares the younger girl to step into this difficult ‘period’ role based on the true story of Nati Binodini, a famous theatre actress of the Bengali stage, whose relationship with her mentor and director Natasamrat Girish Chandra Ghosh is legendary.The film-within-the-film spills over, in some way or the other, into a real life relationship between Aniket and Shikha. Deepti feels betrayed both by her husband and the young actress. Aniket shrugs off everything and does not once confirm the scandal making the rounds of the gossip mills even as he moves from the dining table into the rest room to talk for hours to her on his cell phone. Hedoes not stop the editor of a film glossy from publishing a lead story on the scandal authored by his own son.

Abohomaan cast & crew
(Abohomaan director, actors, writer, music director, editor & more)

Dipankar Dey
Riya Sen Tiya
Ananya Chatterjee
Mamata Shankar
Jishu Sengupta

Director--Rituparno Ghosh
Producer--Reliance Big Pictures
Genre:Drama, Family
Release:Jan 22, 2010
Review:Abohoman : The Passing On Without Breaking Grounds


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