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Aahuti (2010)

Aahuti means sacrifice. Who is sacrificing whom, for what, how, when and where? These questions are neither raised nor answered in Aahuti, written and directed by Kingshuk De. Based on a screenplay jointly created by Kingshuk De and Premangshu Roy, the film opens with a romance between a pretty young girl from a well-to-do family and a young boy who does nothing for a living. The girl is forced to marry the man her parents have chosen, a police officer who heads an anti-terrorist squad. She forgets about her lover. The sad boy gets on to a bus. The bus explodes, killing everyone, soon after he gets down with another young man who left his small walkman in the bus. He befriends this young man and is taken as an intern. They believe in armed revolution to break the system, guided by a khadi-clad, jhola carrying, bespectacled elderly mentor. Raj does not believe in armed revolution defined by violence and the killing of innocents. The Muslim friend tells him that his kid brother was captured by the police as a terrorist though he was not one. His would-be wife and father were tortured too and this forced him to avenge his brother’s death.


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