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Year       Movie  

2008    Partner
2008    Krishnakanter Will
2005    Tobu Bhalobasi
2005    Mantra
2004    Criminal
2003    Mastan
2003    Hemanter Pakhi

Swastika Mukherjee

Born: December 13, 1980  (age 28)
Kolkata, India Occupation Actress Years active 2003 - present Spouse(s) Pramit Sen (divorced)
Swastika Mukherjee is a leading Bengali actress at Tollywood. She is daughter of actor Santu Mukherjee. [2] She made her debut in 2003 with the film Hemanter Pakhi directed by Urmi Chakraborty. Her first lead role came with Ravi Kinnagi directed Mastan.

About Swastika

Birthday-13th December
Father-Actor Santu Mukherjee
School-Carmel & St.Teresa
College-Gokhale & Jadavpur University
Screen Debut-Cameo in Urmy Chakraborty's "Hemanter Pakhi"
Screen Idol-Kajol,Julia Roberts,Michelle Pfeifer
Favourite Timepass-Chatting With Daughter
Favourite Colour-White

Life and career
She is also a dancer, having learnt dance from the veteran Tanushree Shankar. She had a brief unsuccessful marriage with singer Pramit Sen, son of late Rabindra Sangeet singer exponent Sagar Sen, in 1998. She has one daughter Anwesha born in 2000. Mukherjee's first stint with acting was the tele-serial Devdasi.


1. Your sex appeal lies in…-Ask them (MEN)!!!
2.You look best in…-I compliment the clothes; not the other way around!
3. One thing in a man that turns you on...-What’s that? Do they know that art? Haven’t met any yet.
4.One man you would love to be locked with in a lift and for how long...-I looove Mr Bean! And with a great guy like him, a few minutes would suffice.
5.One body part you would like to alter surgically…-I am happy with god’s creation. He has done a great job!
6. One reason for your screen chemistry with Jeet is…-I have been an Arts student throughout... still wondering about the H2O formula! Chemistry? Naahh.
7.The most bizarre rumour you have heard about yourself...-Ask the news channels, they mint rumours! The worst one was about my marriage.... The groom and date all fixed... not by me though! The channels did the “ghatkali”.
8.If you were given Rs 1 lakh to spend in a day, you would...-Buy lingerie from La Perla and Aubade. They are damn expensive.

Swastika sawastika Swastika

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