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2009:  Bolo Na Tumi Aamar
             Neel Akasher Chadni
             Bangal Ghoti Phataphati
             Premi No.1
             Saat Paake Bandha

2008:    Mon Mane Na
              Bor Asbe Ekhuni
              Premer Kahini
             2007    Chander Bari
             Minister Fatakesto
             Nabab Nandini

2006:    Eri Naam Prem
             M.L.A. Fatakesto

2005:   Chore Chore Mastuto Bhai

2004:   Badsha The King
             Shudhu Tumi

2003:   Nater Guru


Koyel Mullick

Born: April 28, 1982  (age 27)
Studies:BSc (hons) in psychology from Gokhale Memorial College
Screen debut: Haranath Chakraborty’s Nater Guru opposite Jeet
Screen idols: Demi Moore, Madhuri Dixit, Kajol, Sabitri Chatterjee
Timepass: Catching up with friends, listening to music
Voiceover: I am into my second film with her. She is spontaneous, hardworking and very professional. Koel has really groomed herself well — Jeet
USP: Bloodline (Ranjit Mullick’s daughter), charming smile, camera-friendly

10 Questions To Koel Mullick

1. Your sex appeal lies in… That’s for people to say.
2.You look best in… Baba (Ranjit Mullick) says I look best in a sari.
3. One thing in a man that turns you on...His heart.
4. One thing in a man that turns you off... Hypocrisy.
5. One thing you do when you are angry… I don’t talk.
6.The wildest thing you have done…I haven’t done anything wild.
7.The sexiest man you have met...Yet to come.
8.One hero you would want to romance on screen...Uttam Kumar.
9.One line/ word in which you would define yourself...I am a good girl.
10. One question you want to be asked… Who is the person you want to get married to? (And the answer would be, the person with the biggest heart.)

Early life
She is a BSc (hons) in psychology from Gokhale Memorial College.
Her Screen debut was Haranath Chakraborty’s Nater Guru opposite Jeet. Her debut film Nater Guru was a successful film at the box-office. The film, which was released 2003, marks Koel’s entry into Tollywood. Nater Guru, which has Jeet in the male lead, sees Koel playing the role of a 23-year-old girl called Monica. She is an ardent admirer of Uttam Kumar, Suchitra Sen, Aparna Sen, Laboni Sarkar, Indrani Halder and Rituparna Sengupta, Koel felt it was “destiny” that brought her to the industry.[2]
She became a part of the Tollywood frat pack in 2003 with the hit film, Nater Guru, the actress has been steadily climbing the local celeb charts.She did create a sensation of sorts with her first film Nater Guru.Nater Guru, which also starred Ranjit Mullick was a major hit and the lead pair of Koel and Jeet has since then become a romantic regular. The two have done a good six to seven films together.

Personal lifeIn the media

An interview published in an English daily and she rash comment on the state of morals among female stars and starlets in Tollywood is threatening to snowball into a major issue in Tollygunge.[5] Without mentioning names, she had given an arbitrary but damaging statement saying that actresses in Tollygunge slept around with producers and heroes to establish and sustain themselves in the industry.Swastika Mukherjee lashed out against her comment in a rejoinder published next week.People from the industry have responded to Swastika's attack with mixed feelings. But on the whole, they are backing her. Rachana Banerjee, another rising female star, has joined Swastika Mukherjee by sending off an official complaint to matinee idol Prosenjeet, secretary of the Artists' Forum.Declining any official comment, Prosenjeet lets out that the Forum has no part in what appears to be a personal squabble between two stars. But NK Salil, well-known screenplay and dialogues writer of Bengali films, commented that It ceases to remain personal once an official complaint has been lodged in writing to the Forum.

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