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Year       Movie  

2009    Neel Akasher Chadni
2009    Saat Paake Bandha
2009    Hasi Khushi Club
2008    Jor
2008    Partner
2007    Bidhatar Lekha
2007    Krishnakanter Will
2007    Pitri Bhumi
2006    Ghatak
2006    Hero
2006    Kranti
2006    Priyotama
2006    Sathihara
2005    Chore Chore Mastuto Bhai
2005    Manik
2005    Shubhodristi
2005    Yuddho
2004    Akrosh
2004    Bandhan
2004    Mastan
2004    Premi
2004    Shakti
2003    Aamar Mayer Shapath
2003    Champion
2003    Nater Guru
2003    Sangee
2002    Saathi



Jeet or Jeetendra Madnani

Born : November 30, 1978  (age 30)
Kolkata, India Occupation Actor Years active 2002 - present Spouse(s) None

Jeet or Jeetendra Madnani }),(Born: 30 November 1978) Calcutta, West Bengal, India,. is an Indian actor from Kolkata. Although, of non-Bengali origin, he is a leading actor in the Bengali film industry.[1][2] Jeet received his first BFJA - Most Promising Actor Award for his performance in Saathi (2002), his biggest commercial success so far.
He studied first at St. Joseph & Marry's School, New Alipur later in National High School, Hazra Road and finally completed his Graduation from Bhawanipur Educational Society, Elgin Road.However, his academic life was interrupted soon after for joining his family business.Nevertheless, he had a renewed interest for Creative Art since his early days.He enjoyed watching dramas and movies. Sometimes he would try the styles and mannerisms of leading stars on himself.His friends insisted him to try his luck in Creative World.

Filmy career

In the beginning he took up some modelling assignments then came some serials like Bishabriksha in 1994-95 directed by Bishnu Palchowdhury in which he played Taracharan, Janani by Bishnu Palchowdhury in which he played Anil and Daughters Of The Century by Tapan Sinha in which he was cast in the roles of Champiya and Kadambini.But somehow at that time he felt to move ahead from the periphery of modellings and serials. Jeet left for Mumbai. There amongst much hardships he struggled for 5 years to establish himself but never compromised to any circumstances.
In a vacation coming back to Kolkata he started meeting directors and producers over here. In the meantime to pursue his acting he became associated with an organization- Prosenium Art Center.It was at this time that he acted in two English dramas-'Arms And The Man' and 'Man At The Floor'. Thereafter he left for Mumbai again.He started giving regular auditions over there. In this process he came to meet a producer from South who cast him in the Telegu film, Chandu released in 2001. However, the film couldn't give him the required strike

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