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Amar Sangi (1987)'s Mp3 Song List
Chirodini Tumi Je Amer
Singer Name: Chirodini Tumi Je Amer
Lyricist: Chirodini Tumi Je Amer
Music Director:
Song Picturised on:
Amar Icche Holo Bhalobaste
Singer Name: Amar Icche Holo Bhalobaste
Lyricist: Amar Icche Holo Bhalobaste
Music Director:
Song Picturised on:
Ami Mon Diyechi
Singer Name: Ami Mon Diyechi
Lyricist: Ami Mon Diyechi
Music Director:
Song Picturised on:
Monta Aamar Hariye Gachhe
Singer Name: Monta Aamar Hariye Gachhe
Lyricist: Monta Aamar Hariye Gachhe
Music Director: Monta Aamar Hariye Gachhe
Song Picturised on: Monta Aamar Hariye Gachhe
Jekhanei Thako
Singer Name: Jekhanei Thako
Lyricist: Jekhanei Thako
Music Director:
Song Picturised on:
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